Share Structure

as of January 7, 2020

Current Shares Outstanding & Market Capitalization @ $0.46110.6 M$50.88 M
Working Capital$10.34 M
In the money Warrants*19.3 M$6.12 M
In the money Options3.6 M$0.85 M
In the money Diluted Working Capital$17.31 M
In the money Diluted Shares & Market Capitalization @ $0.46133.5 M$61.41 M
Fully Diluted Working Capital$20.76 M
Fully Diluted Shares and Market Capitalization @ $0.46141.1 M$64.91 M

Accelerator Clause:

*8.2 M of these warrants are subject to an accelerator clause such that, in the event that the common shares of the Company trade at a closing price greater than $0.42 per share for a period of 10 consecutive days, then the Company may deliver a notice to the Warrant holders that they must exercise their Warrants within the next 30 days, or the Warrants will expire.

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