Benchmark Defines Six Discrete Zones with Potential for Mineral Resources with High Grade and Bulk Tonnage Intercepts

Edmonton – October 14, 2019 – Benchmark Metals Inc. (the “Company” or “Benchmark“) (TSX-V: BNCH) (OTCQB: CYRTF) (WKN: A2JM2X) – Benchmark is pleased to announce the successful completion of its 2019 exploration program at the Lawyers property. The program included 47 diamond drill holes totaling 10,766.79 metres, defining six discrete mineralized zones that will be the focus of resource definition and expansion drilling in 2020 (Figure 1). In addition, the collection of 1,406 soil samples, 215 rock trench samples, 42 rock channel samples, 299 rock grab samples, detailed geological mapping, and ground geophysics have developed two zones to drill ready targets and six additional early stage exploration targets for more comprehensive field programs in 2020. Benchmark anticipates the release of drill results from October through January 2020. The Lawyers Project is situated in the Stikine Terrane of northern British Columbia, Canada, and falls within the prolific, mineral-endowed ‘Golden Horseshoe’.

John Williamson, Chairman and CEO commented, “The 2019 program successfully extended gold-silver mineralization in all directions within six different zones across a 3km radius in the heart of the Lawyers Trend. Each zone shows significant potential to develop a mineral resource that includes high-grade and bulk-tonnage intersections that begin at surface. Our geologists have also defined new discovery zones across the 127 km2 package that will be drill tested in 2020.”

Table 1 documents the drilling completed at each of the six zones, including the quick-log intercepts for the most intense alteration, veining, and observed mineralization in each drill hole. To date, there has been a good correlation between these initial visual results and the assay results the Company has received, interpreted, and released. Examples of this include the first drill hole from each mineralized zone that was expedited at the lab and released as they became available:

  • Cliff Creek Zone – 19CCDD001 intersected (press release Aug 16, 2019):
    • 2.19 g/t gold and 85.36 g/t silver over 26.75 metres*
    • Incl. 11.73 g/t gold and 476.00 g/t silver over 4.40 metres*
  • AGB Zone – 19AGBDD001 intersected (press release Sept 20, 2019):
    • 2.79 g/t gold and 177.00 g/t silver over 25.00 metres*
    • Incl. 5.37 g/t gold and 214.00 g/t silver over 7.00 metres*
    • Incl. 10.02 g/t gold and 654.00 g/t silver over 2.1 metres*
  • Phoenix Zone – 19PXDD001 intersected (press release Oct 7, 2019):
    • 46.90 g/t gold and 3,055.6 g/t silver over 2.87 metres*
    • Incl. 132.50 g/t gold and 8,560.0 g/t silver over 0.9 metres*

*All intervals are core-length. True width is estimated to be 80-90% of core length.

Of the 47 drilled holes, 45 contained alteration, veining, and mineralization the results of which will be disseminated as they are received from the laboratory and interpreted.

In addition to the outstanding drill results from this year’s program, 1,406 soil samples, 215 rock trench samples, 42 rock channel samples, 299 bedrock grab samples, detailed geological mapping, and ground geophysics were completed over other targets within the historically underexplored 127 km2 property. Initial results from this data have defined new zones of mineralization, elevated two zones to drill-ready status, and furthered our understanding of six other zones, which will receive expanded work programs during the 2020 field season.

Table 1: Complete list of 2019 drill holes with intervals of significant alteration, veining and visual mineralization including visible gold (VG) and native silver (Ag) indicated.

Drillhole ID Zone Total Depth (m) Alt-Min* Vein Intersections (m)**
19AGBDD001 AGB 267.61 210-237
19AGBDD002 AGB 215.80 50-142
19AGBDD003 AGB 398.38 140-150
19AGBDD004 AGB 316.39 206-263
19AGBDD005 AGB 346.86 238-249, 275-300
19AGBDD006 AGB 316.67 212-218 (with VG/electrum/Ag); 236-289 (with visible Ag from 244-254m)
19AGBDD007 AGB 276.76 161-171, 221-240; VG at 231m
19AGBDD008 AGB 325.53 177-197, 249-253
19AGBDD009 AGB 139.00 2-80
19AGBDD010 AGB 146.00 Minor veining and alteration
19CCDD001 Cliff Creek 248.44 140 -155
19CCDD002 Cliff Creek 214.88 40-42, 81-104, 127-130, 159-173
19CCDD003 Cliff Creek 249.02 59-67, 150-210
19CCDD004 Cliff Creek 184.40 30-73, 82-122
19CCDD005 Cliff Creek 322.17 115-128, 132-157, 230-259
19CCDD006 Cliff Creek 172.82 30-70, 75-77, 90-93, 109-125,
19CCDD007 Cliff Creek 209.39 106-134,157-164
19CCDD008 Cliff Creek South 151.18 none
19CCDD009 Cliff Creek South 289.50 140-241
19CCDD010 Cliff Creek South 354.67 307-330
19CCDD011 Cliff Creek South 288.33 169-235
19CCDD012 Cliff Creek South 245.67 106-177
19CCDD013 Cliff Creek South 263.96 154-202
19CCDD014 Cliff Creek South 334.04 244-294
19CCDD015 Cliff Creek South 224.33 95-204
19CCDD016 Cliff Creek 239.27 72-213
19CCDD017 Cliff Creek 260.60 91-140, 152-155
19CCDD018 Cliff Creek 201.17 35-106,130-169
19CCDD019 Cliff Creek 192.01 40-51, 89-122, 170-175
19CCDD020 Cliff Creek 254.81 4-10, 130-140
19CCDD021 Cliff Creek 178.30 4-20, 81-95
19CCDD022 Cliff Creek 205.74 17-52, 186-189
19CCDD023 Cliff Creek 133.20 20-48
19CCDD024 Cliff Creek Exploration 181.00 Minor veining and alteration
19CCDD025 Cliff Creek 172.52 9-54, 73-104, 139-150
19CCDD026 Cliff Creek Exploration 180.00 none
19DRDD001 Dukes Ridge 185.01 66-78, 130-148
19DRDD002 Dukes Ridge 248.72 155-193, 212-230
19DRDD003 Dukes Ridge 230.48 VG at 98-100m, 165-206
19DRDD004 Dukes Ridge 221.29 85-99, 121-131
19DRDD005 Dukes Ridge 212.14 41-75
19PXDD001 Phoenix 187.76 130-131 (phoenix vein), 163-165
19PXDD002 Phoenix 123.74 83.8-85.3
19PXDD003 Phoenix 157.28 106.5-108
19PXDD004 Phoenix East 153.92 Minor veining and alteration
19PXDD005 Phoenix East 160.32 Minor veining and alteration
19PXDD006 Phoenix East 185.71 Minor veining and alteration

* Alt-Min = thickness of alteration and significant visual minerals
**All intervals are core-length. True width is estimated to be 80-90% of core length

Figure #1: Map of six discrete zones within the Lawyers Trend that will be the focus of resource definition and expansion in 2020.

Quality Assurance and Control

Results from samples were analyzed at ALS Global Laboratories (Geochemistry Division) in Vancouver, Canada (an ISO 9001:2008 accredited facility). The sampling program was undertaken by Company personnel under the direction of Rob L’Heureux, P.Geol. A secure chain of custody is maintained in transporting and storing of all samples. Gold was assayed using a fire assay with atomic emission spectrometry and gravimetric finish when required (+10 g/t Au). Analysis by four acid digestion with 48 element ICP-MS analysis was conducted on all samples with silver and base metal overlimits re-analyzed by atomic absorption or emission spectrometry. Rock chip samples from outcrop/bedrock are selective by nature and they may not be representative of the mineralization hosted on the project.

The technical content of this news release has been reviewed and approved by Michael Dufresne,
P.Geol., P.Geo., a qualified person as defined by National Instrument 43-101.

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Benchmark is a Canadian mineral exploration company with its common shares listed for trading on the TSX Venture Exchange in Canada, the OTCQB Venture Market in the United States, and the Tradegate Exchange in Europe. Benchmark is managed by proven resource sector professionals, who have a track record of advancing exploration projects from grassroots scenarios through to production.


s/ “John Williamson”
John Williamson, Chief Executive Officer

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